Tues. Oct 22nd(10am PST/1pmEST) – FREE WEB ROUNDTABLE: Alternatives to School Discipline: A New Frontier in Student’s Rights

1334392_classroom_400.CRLC.ABA Presented by the ABA Children’s Rights Litigation Committee Tuesday, October 22, 2013 at 1:00pm-2:00pm Eastern Rosa Hirji, Moderator Ernest Saadiq Morris, Urban Youth Justice Frank LoMonte, Student Press Law Center Brent Pattison, Middleton Children’s Rights Center, Drake University Law School

School districts are increasingly implementing alternative approaches to school discipline in response to the backlash on exclusionary practices that disparately impact students of color, students with disabilities and other disadvantaged minority groups. Alternatives to traditional discipline include positive behavior supports, restorative practices, surveillance of social media, anti-bullying policies etc. Schools, state legislatures and even the federal Office for Civil Rights are accepting these approaches and are incorporating them into existing school disciplinary policies and practices in various degrees.  Additionally, school districts are increasingly relying on other channels that avoid traditional discipline such as truancy proceedings, special education, mental health referrals, involvement of law enforcement, alternative schools, and/or charter schools. This panel will examine the implications of these approaches to established Constitutional and statutory rights of students. Panelists will be presented with actual scenarios, and will be asked to spot issues and analyze them in the context of existing Constitutional and statutory student rights. REGISTER FREE: https://adobeformscentral.com/?f=iu0hH091PYZXtJ-KBi1aNA


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