About UYJ

Urban Youth Justice is a public education and advocacy initiative committed to the advancement and protection of Equal Rights, Equal Justice and Equal Opportunity of Black/African-American youth and similarly disadvantaged urban youth (i.e, Latino/Hispanic, Special Needs, English Learners, and Low Income youth) through public advocacy, public education, community and youth outreach, as well as advancing critical thought on the law and policy affecting them.

Urban Youth Justice is committed to stopping the Disenfranchisement of the Right to Equal Educational Opportunity of Youth of Color, and the following action-based goals: (1) Eradicate the Race, Disability & Poverty-based Inequities in School Discipline, Special Education, and Juvenile/Criminal Justice referrals that disproportionately affect African-American youth and similarly-situated disadvantaged urban youth, i.e., Latino/Hispanic, Native American, Pacific Islander, Special Needs, and English Learner youth; and (2) Replace the Zero Tolerance discipline policies of the School-to-Prison Pipeline with Restorative Justice methods and policies; and (3) Police Accountability for Disproportionate Minority Youth Contacts, and the Discriminatory Effect of Law Enforcement policy and procedures on Youth of Color and their Communities.

Urban Youth Justice is currently prioritizing school/education reform and police accountability reform efforts in the Pacific Northwest, primarily in the Seattle(WA) metropolitan and the Portland(OR) metropolitan urban areas.