Urban Youth Justice is Fighting to Dismantle and Abolish the School to Prison Pipeline by Ending the Disproportionate School Pushout and Criminalization of Youth of Color from Harsh School Discipline and Denial of Equal Educational Opportunity!

The School-to-Prison Pipeline (STPP) summarizes the combined effect of school and juvenile justice systems, policies, and practices that push students out of school and into the criminal justice system.

Zero tolerance school discipline results in harsh punishment for often minor (non-violent) student infractions that disproportionately subjects certain students of color to exclusionary discipline(out-of-school suspensions/expulsions) and referrals to the criminal justice system.

It is consistent across all jurisdictions with significant measurable data that African-American youth, particularly Black males, are most at-risk for STPP disproportionality, at all juvenile justice contact points. Latino males, Native American youth, and non-white immigrant youth all have higher risk for juvenile justice disproportionality.

some UYJ Resources related to School-to-Prison Pipeline issues:


Special Ed Warehousing: Special Education Means No Education for Many Youth Of Color

The American Pipe Dream: Winning the Future Without Youth of Color

The Zero Tolerance Targeting of Philadelphia’s Black & Latino Youth Exposed

School Bully: Zero Tolerance Discipline Teaches Youth Intolerance


Urban Youth Justice presents: The Color of Education podcast episode – “Police in Public Schools: Chicago’s School-to-Prison Pipeline Exposed by Research Activist” 

Urban Youth Justice presents: The Color of Education podcast– Academic Segregation:Milwaukee School Vouchers vs Special Education/Special Needs/Disability Youth


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