• Abolish The School-to-Prison Pipeline!
  • Close The Education Opportunity Gap!
  • Stop Disproportionate Special Education Placement!
  • End Youth Of Color Profiling/Disproportionate Minority Youth Contact By Law Enforcement !
  • Equal Opportunity For Youth Jobs And Training!

The advocacy of Urban Youth Justice is rooted in the belief of its founding director, Ernest Saadiq Morris,  in a holistic, multi-level approach to defend, preserve and promote equal rights and opportunities for disadvantaged youth of color with multiple impact strategies and tactics, including public education, law and public policy, and community outreach.

We fight for Justice for Our Youth with Public Education and Advocacy undiluted by financial or ideological influence.

We do not accept money from corporations or corporate-controlled foundations, because we reject the growing undue corporate influence upon public rights and public institutions, including many non-profits that claim to protect the public interest.

We do not flip-flop on youth issues based on politics or money interests.

We do not avoid or stay conveniently absent from tough issues.

We do not wait for public opinion to change in our favor before finding the courage to fight for our Youth.

Urban Youth Justice proudly advocates for Youth of Color and all Disadvantaged Youth. We do not apologize for this.


Youth Empowerment Education

Urban Youth Justice’s Extended Learning Workshops for youth in-school and at out-of-school events and programs  (middle school through college age)

Parent/Community Empowerment Education

Urban Youth Justice’s community seminars and workshops organize and empower parents and interested community members to advocate for our youth.


Urban Youth Justice produces issue-oriented advocacy for regional and national media to advocate for the advancement of equal rights, equal justice and equal opportunity of disadvantaged urban youth, as well as to counter their negative media portrayal.


School/Government Engagement  re Policy and Practices

Urban Youth Justice conducts direct advocacy  to  target key  Local, City and State officials with various communication  methods (such as, personal meetings, public comment & testimony) to document institutional biases and barriers to justice harming youth of color, and to identify and advocate for the best practices to promote equal rights, equal justice and equal opportunity for our youth.

Technical Assistance

Urban Youth Justice provides technical assistance and advice to those youth and families seeking guidance in other school-to-prison pipeline related incidents involving disadvantaged youth.

Juvenile Defense

Urban Youth Justice arranges limited representation in Truancy (Becca) proceedings and other school-to-prison pipeline related incidents by referrals to outside legal providers.

Impact Advocacy

Urban Youth Justice may formally represent the rights of youth in limited cases that  represent a unique opportunity to make a public interest impact that advances youth advocacy priorities.


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