Ernest Saadiq Morris,Esq. presents Urban Youth Justice’s Workshop at the 2015  Seattle Race Conference

How HOSTILE LESSONS: School-Based Implicit Bias Isolates & Targets Youth of Color for Failure by Devaluing their Identity, Family and Community

 *UPDATE* This interactive workshop explored how the U.S. public education system has normalized implicit racial bias by favoring “white” racial identity and cultural preferences that perpetuate structural inequities. Implicit racial bias creates racially hostile school climates with punitive consequences for Youth of Color implicitly perceived as non-conforming, especially Black students and other historically disadvantaged youth. Identifying structural implicit racial bias and advocating to dismantle resulting structural racial inequities is a key component to achieving racial justice in the 21st century.
Thanks to a diverse group of ENGAGED PARTICIPANTS and to the SEATTLE RACE CONFERENCE organizing team!


Tues. Oct 22nd(10am PST/1pmEST) – FREE WEB ROUNDTABLE: Alternatives to School Discipline: A New Frontier in Student’s Rights

1334392_classroom_400.CRLC.ABA Presented by the ABA Children’s Rights Litigation Committee Tuesday, October 22, 2013 at 1:00pm-2:00pm Eastern Rosa Hirji, Moderator Ernest Saadiq Morris, Urban Youth Justice Frank LoMonte, Student Press Law Center Brent Pattison, Middleton Children’s Rights Center, Drake University Law School

School districts are increasingly implementing alternative approaches to school discipline in response to the backlash on exclusionary practices that disparately impact students of color, students with disabilities and other disadvantaged minority groups. Alternatives to traditional discipline include positive behavior supports, restorative practices, surveillance of social media, anti-bullying policies etc. Schools, state legislatures and even the federal Office for Civil Rights are accepting these approaches and are incorporating them into existing school disciplinary policies and practices in various degrees.  Additionally, school districts are increasingly relying on other channels that avoid traditional discipline such as truancy proceedings, special education, mental health referrals, involvement of law enforcement, alternative schools, and/or charter schools. This panel will examine the implications of these approaches to established Constitutional and statutory rights of students. Panelists will be presented with actual scenarios, and will be asked to spot issues and analyze them in the context of existing Constitutional and statutory student rights. REGISTER FREE:

Saturday, August 24, 2013 – Urban Youth Justice’s Ernest Saadiq Morris to present Racial Justice as an Educational Right workshop at Seattle Race Conference

Seattle Race Conference 2013 Program
Urban Youth Justice Director Ernest Saadiq Morris will conduct a school equity workshop at the Seattle Race Conference on Saturday, August 24, 2013.

This exciting interactive Urban Youth Justice workshop will focus on racial justice strategies to ensure an inclusive youth program that empowers the diverse student populations that are increasingly common in our communities.

Still Not Post-Racial: Dismantling Structural Racism and Cultural Bias in School, Racial Justice as an Educational Right
We will examine Racial Equity challenges presented by diverse student populations of the present and foreseeable future. Also, how to advocate for Racial Justice in School as a crucial intervention to educational opportunity gap inequity reflected in K-12 discipline and dropout rates.

Saturday, April 28, 2012 (Palm Springs, CA) – BOOST (Best of Out-of-School Time) Conference – Urban Youth Justice Town Hall: The State of Equity in After-School/Out-of-School: How Extended Learning Opportunity Meets Diverse Student Needs


The BOOST Collaborative Conference for AfterSchool & Out-of-School learning providers was an excellent event showcasing the challenging workshops and incredible enthusiasm of BOOST staff and the hundreds of participants!

The Urban Youth Justice Town Hall on Afterschool Equity Issues featured an honest discussion and open exchange of ideas between dedicated extended education providers from across the United States, and from as far away as Australia!

We’re already looking forward to participating in next year’s conference.  Kudos to BOOST Executive Director Tia Quinn and all the BOOST Staff and volunteers for an incredible experience.

~Ernest Saadiq Morris – Director, Urban Youth Justice


Saturday, April 28, 2012 (Palm Springs, CA) – BOOST (Best of Out-of-School Time) Conference
Urban Youth Justice Town Hall:
The State of Equity in After-School/Out-of-School: How Extended Learning Opportunity Meets Diverse Student Needs
Ernest Saadiq Morris, Esq., Director, Urban Youth Justice Initiative (Urban Youth Justice), Seattle, WA

Ernest Saadiq Morris will lead a dynamic, no-holds-barred Town Hall discussion on how after-school/out-of-school programming is meeting the equity challenges presented by a rapidly diversifying student population.

An overview of current issues and challenges created by diverse student subgroups, based on ethnic origin, nationality, race, gender, special needs, language, sexual orientation, and poverty (to name only a few). We will discuss the obstacles to maximizing the involvement of all student groups, as well as using grassroots organizing strategies to overcome them, e.g., inclusive communication strategies, and identifying barriers to participation. Also, cautionary tales of mistakes that your program will want to avoid.

A unique opportunity to share ideas, experiences, and the best practices for facilitating access to Out-of-School learning opportunities for the diverse student populations of the present and foreseeable future.

Don’t miss this opportunity to meet Ernest Saadiq Morris, ask questions, and learn by collaboratively challenging each other to reach higher levels of effectiveness within your own programming!

Saturday April 21st (Seattle) – 8:00AM – 2:00PM – The Youth & Law Forum – MLK FAME Community Center – A Free Community Event!

Saturday April 21st (Seattle) – 8:00AM – 2:00PM – The Youth & Law Forum – MLK FAME Community Center – A Free Event!

Ernest Saadiq Morris of Urban Youth Justice will address the school-to-prison pipeline issues in both parent and youth empowerment sessions. Join us at this free community event!

FLYER – Seattle 2012 Youth and Law Conference_front

REGISTRATION FORM – 2012 Youth and Law Conference

***CONFIRMED** EVENT: Thurs. Feb 9, 2012 4:30-6:30pm – Portland(Ore.) Public Schools Focus on Diversity Lecture – “Special Education Warehousing: Assigning Students of Color to Separate and Unequal Academic Opportunity, Expectations and Outcomes @BESC Boardroom 501 N. Dixon Street


Join Ernest Saadiq Morris for a presentation and community discussion about the disproportionate special education placement of students of color, particularly Black, Latino, and English Language Learners students, that denies them their right to equal educational opportunity. Facilitator: Ernest Saadiq Morris, Director, Urban Youth Justice

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